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Welcome to Track-Mastering.com. A professional online audio mastering service and a very easy and affordable way to finalize your mix. High quality and great customer care are of paramount importance.

Why choose my audio mastering service?

Audio mastering is not an easy profession and should be carried out with great attention. Experience of the mastering engineer is the key for a good sounding master. I’m a dedicated audio mastering engineer with many years of experience. This is why you’re guaranteed for a well balanced master with fine tuned dynamics. Upload your track, receive a free sample and hear and feel the difference.

Why receive a free sample?

I won’t lie about this. In very few cases it could happen a customer isn’t satisfied. This is why I won’t charge you when you don’t like the master. Instead you’ll receive a sample of approximately  1,5 minutes of the mastered track. If you don’t like it? No problem, I’ll respect your choice.

Send me a reference track too

Music is all about taste. If I know the sound you are looking for the chances are greater you’ll like the master. You could help us both by sending a reference track (a song of the same genre and taste).

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Audio Mastering Engineer

My ear - a delicate piece of audio mastering equipment

Mastering Engineer – Marcel

Hi, my name is Marcel van Ling. I’m a professional audio mastering engineer from the Netherlands with many years of experience in mixing and track mastering. With my “golden ears” I will listen to your mix and put the final touches on it.

What is track mastering?

Track mastering can involve adjusting levels and in general “sweetening” the mix. Think of it as the final coat of polish, or the difference between a good sounding mix and a professional sounding master.

Audio mastering includes:

  1. Analysis of the audio
  2. Correction
  3. Editing
  4. Broad equalization
  5. Add reverberation (in some cases)
  6. Multi-band compression
  7. Stereo imaging
  8. Harmonic excitation
  9. Loudness maximization
  10. Overall track leveling
  11. Dithering
  12. PQ coding and ordering


If you want to know more about audio mastering please read the track mastering tutorial.

In Other Words!

“I’ll put that final professional and commercial sound on your song”